Michael Sirianni, Owner

My grandfather, whose name is BUZZ, taught me to do what you love for a living.  So I combined music (live recordings of some of the best shows ever) and delicious street food in an effort to do exactly that.

The result?  A fun approach to breakfast and lunch that I’m pretty sure you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere.  We serve fresh, local-when-possible (and in Lancaster it’s almost ALWAYS possible), made-to-order stuff for you to enjoy at your desk or just walking around our beautiful little city. Our breakfast sandwiches might be the best you’ve had, and our creative lunch options (yes — that’s a meatloaf sandwich topped with homemade mac n’ cheese) vary from indulgent to intensely healthy.

I’ve learned from some pretty awesome chefs and restaurateurs in the industry, including my dad and Buzz himself. Working as a bartender in some pretty cool spots has helped to develop the over-the-counter experience you’ll have when you’re here. Let’s chat about whatever is on your mind while you watch your meal being prepared.

Most importantly, my goal is that you leave happy. If there’s any reason you’re not satisfied, please let me know.  I’all do everything within reason to make it right. (Sorry, I can’t divulge the secrets to the aforementioned meatloaf.)

Eat well and be kind,